Quad QC Phono Stages

Quad offer two options for adding a phono input to their valve preamplifier.
A solid state module is available for the QC-twenty-four preamplifier, known as the QC Phono stage, this allows direct connection of a turntable with a internal switchable option of MM/MC, this can be fitted as standard or at a later date.

For audiophiles requiring a higher performance phono stage, Quad also make the Quad twenty-four P. The Quad twenty-four P is in the same size case work as the QC-twenty-four preamplifier. This dedicated valve phono stage has been designed by Tim DeParavicini for Quad. It has been voiced following intensive listening tests by some of the most respected “ears” in the music world. The twenty-four P has switchable MM/MC inputs and a choice of full level or variable level outputs. In a vinyl only system the twenty-four P may be used directly with a power amplifier using its variable output.

QUAD QC 24P £1200

Quad twenty-four P Specification

Valve Compliment 4 x 6111 twin triodes

THD 0.08% (A weighted)

Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz (+0dB/-0.5dB)

Hum and Noise Better than 60dB

Input Impedance Moving Magnet 47 ohm

Input Impedance Moving Coil 10 ohm

Stage Gain
High Sensitivity 1.3 mV (MM) /130uV (MC)
Medium Sensitivity 2.6mV (MM) /260uV (MC)
Low Sensitivity 5.2 mV (MM) /520uV (MC)

Nominal Output level
(ref 5.2mV, MM, Low) 1.0

Inputs selectable MM/MC cartridge

Outputs 1 x Fixed Line level
1 x Variable line level

Power Consumption 15 VA maximum